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What Can I Do With My Website
Today, websites are developed for many reasons. From selling to research and everything in between, people use
the internet to find what they are looking for, even before leaving the house to buy. Depending on the purpose
of your website, there are usually many features you can offer your visitors to enhance their experience on
your site.
  • Selling. Perhaps, the #1 reason for having a website. Companies today use the internet
    as a selling tool as well as a marketing tool. Consumers now have the ability to
    research and purchase products and services from the privacy and comfort of their
    homes. To allow consumers to easily navigate their websites, shopping cart systems have
    been developed. Customers may now fill their shopping cart and "check out" once at the
    end of their shopping experience, making it easier to navigate the site. To offer such
    flexibility in this feature, businesses have begun offering a wide range of payment
    options to ease the worries of providing payment via the internet. From online
    accounts to credit cards and payment websites, such as PayPal, consumers now have
    the ability to shop at home rather than going to the local stores.
  • Social Interaction. From Blogging to Social Websites, people have a desire to interact with each other. Live chat, sharing photos and keeping track of your friends and family have become a social platform that have defined our internet experience. There are many features these websites offer. To design them into your website you keep you competative.
  • Research. From business to schoolwork, people have a need to research and learn new information. Research websites offer a vast amount of data to assist in the everyday requirements of learning. This also includes educational websites that offer students online tools for learning that reinforce what is taught in the classroom.
Whatever your need, zeitchick BY DESIGN will assist you in designing the optimum website for you. We will work with you to develop your site using the highest technologies available and offer a high level of visitor interaction, based on your personal needs.
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